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07.23.2005 - paris meeting with shigeru ban
09.06.2005 - peck and hale visit
09.14.2005 - design workshop santa monica
10.30.2005 - container selection, long beach
11.02.2005 - fenced site, anchor markings
11.03.2005 - arrival of the big rig, anchor cuts
11.05.2005 - pre-drilling
11.07.2005 - chance anchor testing
11.14.2005 - chance anchors arrive
11.16.2005 - chance anchors in ground, containers arrive
11.18.2005 - containers go up, final holes drilled
11.21.2005 - shigeru ban & team site walkthrough
11.26.2005 - containers stacked 4 high
11.28.2005 - all containers up, tenta roof arrives
11.29.2005 - evening and nighttime images
11.30.2005 - roof assembly & cherrypicker shots
12.02.2005 - first trusses up, material details
12.03.2005 - roof construction west hall
12.05.2005 - west hall roof trusses complete, membrane
12.09.2005 - triangle trusses up, east hall roof begins
12.12.2005 - triangles up, infill panel test
12.15.2005 - infill panels, central roof trusses, colonnade
12.19.2005 - bookstore, flooring, nighttime work

12.21.2005 - central roof purlins installed, wide shots

12.23.2005 - central roof membrane

12.24.2005 - cinema membrane, teabag panel
12.26.2005 - central roof gutter, haiku flooring
The 56,000 square foot Nomadic Museum, designed by THE architect, Shigeru Ban, is PRIMARILY constructed of recyclable and reusable materials. One hundred thirty-six steel cargo containers stacked in a checkerboard pattern 34 feet high to form the walls of the three wings of the museum. The Nomadic Museum provides a transitory environment that evokes the journey as it travels to ports of calls around the globe.

The structure, which will be disassembled and reconstructed as Ashes and Snow travels, provides a transitory environment that evokes the journey of the exhibition Sustainable post-industrial design utilizing recycled and reusable materials. The Museum is constructed of 152 steel cargo containers. The majority of the shipping containers are rented, while the remainder will be used to transport the museum as it travels from venue to venue. The containers are stacked in a checkerboard pattern 34 feet high to form the walls of the three wings of the museum, and the openings between the containers are secured with a diagonal membrane panels. The total height of the museum, including the peaked roof, is 56 feet.

start of project >

drilling begins >

all containers up >

roof construction >

central roof>
  12.27.2005 - bookstore lighting, night time north elevation
  12.30.2005 - bookstore fabrication, wide shots ocean avenue
  01.02.2006 - record storm hits, night time south elevations
  01.03.2006 - central floor & bookstore floor, pier views
  01.04.2006 - power on, central area flooring
  01.06.2006 - bookstore construction, team photos
construction complete>
01.12.2006 - construction complete, final photos
  01.29.2005 - exterior nighttime views, bookstore shots

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