This was one of the first things I shot with my first camera, a small sony dv camera that was a bit shaky and small - but handy to use around the city. When you live in a city like Los Angeles - you have all these great landmarks that are ready to be used for something so I wanted to go up to the Griffith Oberservatory and film scenes there. The first two days I just shot around the buildings, the monument in the center and the great vista over the city. Even though the footage was shaky - the color and depth of the view is always pretty mesmerizing like in a Michael Mann film - he must only shoot at dusk in 'Heat'. The next day Heidi came with me and drove in variety of sequences in her old Mercedes up the hill. This was all basic editing in FCP 1.0 but it was exciting to try to begin to tell a story with a variety of sequences shot at different angles.


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passenger footage shot from the side

backseat shot up the hill to the observatory drive by footage the observatory at dusk, 5pm in the fall pan over the city to the ocean
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  view the final edited footage of the various scenes to produce the drive sequence     view the griffith observatory footage shot on two nights in a row at about dusk - the orange light is really soft and radiant