I started filming clips of roman all around Los Angeles to use in a larger video of a trip around the city. I shot footage at Greystone Mansion - the old Doheny mansion, which has been featured in many films and is a great period mansion with public access. I also took Roman to the Huntington Library a few times to film there and eventually used some of that footage in composites with various mattes. Heidi & I shot Roman against greenscreen on our kitchen table and I matted out the scenes in Combustion and added to the city footage. Some of the final shots are below even thought I never assembled the scenes into a coherent story.



Stills - Click on the image to enlarge


views of greystone courtyard

greystone views main view with sky removed in combustion huntington footage huntington composite with statues & roman in gardens
greenscreen lighting test with toy whale greenscreen paper on kitchen table in our apartment greenscreen removed cloud sequence rendered in bryce 5   matted composite of layers with roman
Movie Clips - Click on the image to view            
  initial composite with matte & bryce low resolution clouds   final composite of title background with greystone, roman, clouds & matted trees from almont drive composite test of huntington footage, roman and rough sky   final huntington footage of various scenes around the gardens with multiple scenes