I have been working on my first animation using Cinema 4D 8.5 recently. The first part I worked on was simply animating objects in space - I started with constructing a kitchen counter scene where the ordinary kitchen appliances could take on a life of their own during the day while everyone is out of the house. My first modelling project had been an espresso maker last year- so I started by placing this object in the scene, follwed by dancing salt and pepper shakers and a wall clock that could run around the counter.


Stills - Click on the image to enlarge


a still shot with standard llighting

a still shot with HDRI lighting and radiosity on the constructed scene the bones have been added to the clock model here the first 3d model I had made last year - standard lighting
Movie Clips - Click on the image to view

same model - HDRI forest lighting

same model - HDRI kitchen lighting
  this is the initial bone test I did of an irregular hypernurbs form with 3 bones along the spine     first sequence - I worked on the clock for about a day to animate each arm and legs so they begin to appear to walk the clock across the counter