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The Getty Hills, February 2003
running time 5:00, 8.4 MB

Roman is mesmerized with the rolling green hills of the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

Fishes, October 2003
running time 4:45, 15.2 MB

An undersea adventure at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.



Roman Sits, April 2002
running time 4:00, 14 MB

The first installment of the Roman Films. Roman masters sitting then travels into space.

First Haircut, September 2002
running time 4:45, 15.4 MB

A visit to a Beverly Hills hair salon for kids with motorcycle chairs and a valet named miguel.

The Carl Show, October 2002
running time 4:45, 13 MB

A 'mockumentary' based on the life of furniture designer, Carl Magnusson in swedish & english with subtitles



The Birthday Movie, August 2001
running time 7:00 Minutes, 4.9 MB

An in-depth look into the making of Sean's Birthday Movie, includes interview with director.

Birth-Day, October 2001
running time 6:00 Minutes, 5.2 MB

The day roman is born, 24 hours after a 9 month wait. This is the final installment of 'A Baby Story'.



Milo & Oliver, July 2000
running time 5:15 Minutes, 10.6 MB

Two cats play and fight together but remain friends in the end.


Other Projects / Projects in Production

Coffee Dance , November 2004

an animation project where kitchen appliances
take on a life of their own


Testimonials, May 2004

A series of testimonials regarding the hit webmag, 'week in review'
large 13mb I small 5mb


Paradise Cove, September 2003

A day at the beach with Roman and Lynn.

Big Day Out, January 2002

Footage shot around Los Angeles
during a 6-month period.


A Baby Story, January-October 2001

From the pregnancy test to finding to the shock of finding out he was a boy - a five part series of shorts.

Drive, October 2000

Footage shot at and around Griffith Park
in late 2000.

      Heidi's Commercial Work

Allston Beat, 1997

Whited Film - Boston


Blend-A-Med Toothpaste, 1998

FFP Filmhaus - Vienna


Thea Flussig Butter, 1998

Mican Film - Vienna


Happy Day Orangejuice, 1998

Filmhaus Vienna - Vienna


Pierre Lang Jewelery, 1998



Kommisar Rex TV Series, 1998