Oct 7 2011

all the toys of my youth

love this video compilation by  Micaël Reynaud of all the 1980’s toys that every american boy either owned or played with…transformers, legos, matchbox cars, wooden blocks

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Feb 20 2011

kinder egg toys

for the past few years I have gotten a case of kinder egg toys on ebay for the boys around the holidays. there are a few sellers from germany who package up a hundred or so with just the containers and unbuilt toys inside. they provide hours of entertainment – since the german ones seem to be the most complicated and highly detailed objects. if you are unfamiliar with kinder eggs – they are chocolate egg-sized eggs that split in two halves and have a small capsule within. inside the capsule is a toy, usually in many small pieces, instructions and sometimes stickers as well. they have been banned in the us from some years due to your FDA laws that prohibit food from having objects inside of it – the logic here is someone could choke on the toy. at any rate – each season kinder comes out with a new series 100 or more new and unique designs. when we are in europe  – we buy a ton of them but the older ones you can find on ebay are really exceptional…

from the Ferrero website:
Since 1974, Kinder Surprise has delighted millions of children with a revolutionary idea. By combining a chocolate egg, a surprise, and a toy, a fun and entertaining world for children was created, while at the same time, delivering parents a reassuring and emotional experience. Since its launch, nearly 30 billion eggs have been sold all over the world with more than 8,000 different surprises! In fact, nearly every year more than 100 new toys and gadgets are featured, which not only stimulate imagination and creativity, but also accompany and aid in a child’s growth and development. All Kinder Surprise toys are designed and developed with safety in mind, rigorously observing international regulations as well as extra safety criteria voluntarily adopted by the Ferrero Group.

Jan 19 2011

teeny weeny slr

love this mini slr which is unfortunately not useable but does have 3 interchangeable lenses and some very nice detailing. the website has some other great items including a set of fish-eye and wide-angle lenses for iphones and some other instant and film cameras.

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