Feb 24 2011

tieringen – private house

we have had the pleasure of visiting our friend’s house in tieringen – near stuttgart – the past couple of years. the house overlooks a valley and traditional german village. it is a crisp glass box that nestles itself along a hillside and the upper level cantilevers in a gesture to the valley below. surprisingly it is a very livable dwelling – perhaps it is because we know the family so well who is already living there. the house is designed by werner sobek and is a sustainably designed – it is a fully zero emissions and has zero energy use as well.

from architectural record:
“…From the slope to the south of the house, one immediately apprehends its straightforward parti. A glass-and-steel volume, approximately 23 feet deep and 56 feet long, devoted to the living, dining, and kitchen areas, rests on a deeper, steel-framed base, containing bedrooms, roomy baths, and an office. Enclosed by charcoal-black, non-load-bearing, precast-concrete panels, this volume is about 31 feet deep and 54 feet long. Operable, double-paned, narrow windows, between 16 inches and 3 feet in width and a little over 8 feet high, bring light and air into these lower-level quarters. A third, beige-precast-concrete volume, linked by a terrace and roof deck, contains the garage and service equipment for the 4,200-square-foot residence.”

Dec 20 2010

nokia 3210 reissue

I saw that my first phone, the nokia 3210, has been reissued by a french design house – lekki. I got this phone is the late 1990’s and used to turn it one only when I needed it, seldom brought it with me anywhere, and I think the only app on it was a black and white ‘snake’ game on the tiny 1″ screen. times have changed.

from lekki’s website:
‘with their original designs and basic features, these retro mobile phones have rediscovered their beauty. more than 10 years after their release, here they are, back to business, with a strong message: back to basics!’

The other cool aspect is that these are customized revamped second-hand phones – so they are sustainable and up-cycled. they have even reissued startacs as well – very cool….