Sep 2 2013

oakoak street art

I really enjoyed these street art interventions by the french artist, oakaok. makes you rethink what you see every day in the most banal street objects and situations

qui est OakOak / who’s OakOak

Oakoak est un artiste français aimant s’amuser dans la rue
OakOak is a french artist who likes to play with urban elements.

Mar 30 2011

adidas mapping projection

I have seen some recent 3D projections onto buildings from ralph lauren and others over the past year – but this one is really spectacular. it deconstructs what we think we know and re-presents it to the viewers in a totally new way. the performance plays with the viewers sense of what is real and what is illusion. I ended up watching it again since it was that compelling…

Jan 14 2011

cdg airport – paris

there are some great airports in the world – that elevate and inspire travelers – munich or singapore, for instance – then there is another class of heavy burdensome places that are like prisons or bunkers and depress the visitors so much that the flight itself is a welcome experience. this terminal at cdg is very much the latter. even frankfurt airport has a heaviness and eastern bloc feel – but this is like a lebbeus woods drawing or an old space station conceived in the 1960’s. brutalist, dark, epic…

Dec 29 2010

paris flea market

some views from a visit to Les Puces de Saint-Ouen – the world’s largest flea market located on the perimeter of paris. there are shops with architectural elements – such as entire stairs and church pulpits, a booth with macabre elements such as skinned human body parts and stuffed pets, and a shop with various sizes of bibendums. the cafes and restaurants located within the shop stalls are great as well…

Association des puces de Paris St Ouen
142 rue des Rosiers
Tél/Fax : 01 40 12 32 58

Dec 20 2010

paris industrial warehouse

this was an industrial furniture company I visited on the outskirts of paris. they owner buys old warehouses all over the country and strips out the furniture, lights, clocks, materials – he has a group of artisans who renovate the items and buyers from all over the world purchase the items…

Rodolphe BAZIN de CAIX
Mobilier Industriel
106 rue Vieille du Temple
75003 PARIS
Tel: 06 19 59 28 81
Fax: 01 49 45 01 01

Dec 19 2010

harry’s new york bar, paris

I finally visited the original harry’s bar in paris a few years ago. you have to have a bloody mary and hot dog when you visit. the best…

5 Rue Daunou 75002 Paris, France – 01 42 61 71 14
Open Daily 10:30am-4pm