Feb 12 2012

virgin clubhouse

I finally visited the virgin clubhouse on my flight out of London last week. It was spot on to their brand and you felt the virgin vibe in everything around you. Loved the variety of spaces – the formal dining, breakout areas, hair and nail salon and the upper rooms too. having a dean & deluca style deli area gave the dining a bit of an attitude that only virgin can offer…

Mar 7 2011

tactile twitter

just heard about this event at the V&A in London that captured and printed out the visitors twitter messages as large-scale posters, which were distributed to as the individuals left the show…

from their website:
“By implementing their own system of communication, what they ended up with was both a live archive and real time feed of what was being said in different rooms of the museum, with one visitor describing it as a tactile twitter.”

the decorators via mocoloco

Dec 5 2010

random uk signs

some favorite signs I have come across on visits to london and northern england…

Dec 5 2010

banqueting house – some interiors

a few shots of when we stayed there. no tv, just quiet fireplace living…and a mac laptop for roman. very peaceful