Jan 9 2011

y grill – jakarta

I have had some incredible meals in jakarta but this teppanyaki restaurant is truly exceptional. the entire experience, the tableware, glasses, staff, service begin to elevate the evening’s dining experience before you even start to eat. each course was meticulously prepared and many were presented with simple information cards describing the food or an observation about that dishes experience. the grade 9+ wagyu beef was presented as a choreographed ceremonial event – from the initial presentation to the guests – to all of it ended in up in several course that eventually followed. one of the deserts was pashmak – persian candy floss and another glass of ‘molecular’ berries of fruit liquid.

y grill
Wisma Nusantara, 3 rd Floor
Jalan M.H Thamrin, Jakarta
T : 0062/21 3193 6026

Dec 20 2010

jakarta – random photos

some favorite images driving around jakarta, indonesia…

Dec 5 2010

indonesian lunches

some of my favorite meals have been in indonesia – in jakarta and bali. this restaurant had some amazing period furniture pieces, deep red fabrics and walls, heavy lacquered chairs and benches.
from their website:

Dapur Babah is much more than merely a restaurant, it is a living museum that celebrates ‘Babah’ culture, the culture of the distinct group that emerged in the colonial era as result of marriages between Chinese migrants who settled in Java and the local women they took for their wives. While the newcomers retained elements of the culture of their ancestral homeland, they adapted to their local surroundings.

Dapur Babah élite
Jl Veteran I / 18, Jakarta Pusat 10110
Tel: +62 (21) 385 5653, Fax: +62 (21) 385 3040