Feb 18 2012

disneyland 1957

lovely video recently posted on youtube of a 1957 visit to disneyland shortly after it opened. the film itself is well edited and paced and it’s nice to see a glimpse of what once was…and know what it’s like today

from the website: “So what are the cultural differences between Disneyland in the 1950s and the park as it exists today?  Based on the video, “Disneyland Canon 1957,” I’d first point out the open spaces, also the absence of overcrowding.  Environment is at least as important as the rides: throughout the video, park guests are captivated by the scenery.  I might also point out the lack of vending carts.  But, based on the comments on YouTube and other sites, viewers were most impressed with the clothes people once wore to the park.”

some images from the same period:


Jan 8 2011

vintage disneyland posters

I come across some of these from time to time on other websites and blogs – but here is a pretty comprehensive collection of disneyland attraction posters. I have always loved the simplicity, strong silkscreen colors and composition…

Jan 8 2011

1957 disneyland future house

some photos and plans of the disney monsanto house of the future which stood in disneyland from 1957-67 between the back of the matterhorn and the castle.

some excerpts from the brochure:

“Is everything of plastic?  Almost.  Dishes, cups, countertops, walls, floors, ceiling, tabletops, shelves, and cabinets.  Plastics in all their colorful, functional, and beautiful versatility have transformed a work area, have stepped it years ahead…A feeling of space, of smooth, restful areas for living and resting. With your favorite stereophonic recordings on built-in high fidelity equipment.”

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