Mar 9 2011

mit media lab logo

the new MIT Media Lab logo based on an algorithm that produces 40,000 distinct symbols. the video is worth watching as it shows the dynamic movement and intersection of the 3 spotlights into the various, seemingly random, forms. Says the Media Lab logo designer, Richard The, “Whatever ‘media’ means, it has been and will be defined at this place, in the next 5, 10, 20 years. The algorithmic logo is an effort to capture this dynamism.”

more from fast company’s article:
It’s darn clever stuff. As The tells Co.Design, the Media Lab never really had its own logo. “There were identity components designed by Jaqueline Casey [in 1984] referencing the original [Media Lab] building by I.M. Pei,” he says. “It features a nice colorful mural by Kenneth Noland. But there never was an actual logo per se.” The algorithmic design represents the Media Lab’s first official stab at a coherent identity, and it’s high time. The Lab has transformed from a scruffy operation focused on quaintly enhancing the “digital revolution” into a full-blown brand synonymous with wild experimentation, collaboration, and big-time math geeks. Now, it’s got the graphic design to match…”

“….The basic idea here is that the logo has three intersecting spotlights that can be organized in any of 40,000 shapes and 12 color combinations using a custom algorithm. That’s enough to supply each and every new card-carrying Media Labber with his very own logo for a whopping 25 years.”

“The spotlights tip a hat to the Media Lab’s rakish spirit of cross-pollination, with each spotlight symbolizing a single individual. “People come from many different backgrounds — they’re engineers, scientists, artists, designers — and have very different ways of thinking, seeing, and working,” The says. “At the lab these people cross paths, collaborate, and inspire each other, and that’s the magic of this place.”

Dec 5 2010

1962 stratocaster

I bought this guitar with my bar-mitzvah money in 1983. it was the first year the 1957/62 reissues were made in fullerton. I had it repainted by a master luthier at wurlitzer in boston – the color is ‘heather mist’. I used to hang out there on newbury street and all the local big boston bands – the cars, til tuesday, j geils, aerosmith – would come in to buy their gear. I left the guitar there for a few months and everyone would play it. The neck is the reissue one and the body was swapped for a 1962 by the guitar tech as a nice bonus. I left it with a friend for about 20 years and just got it back last year. so glad it’s back…