Mar 7 2011

replenish bottle

edison-award finalist for the rethink of the typical housecleaner spray bottle. I love the simplicity and appeal of  buying only the small pods to consistently reuse the classic windex-type bottle that we all know so well. not paying for the extra water, the shipping, the storage and excess waste is even more appealing…

from their website:
“Real sustainability can best be achieved by creating better-made products that are designed to be reused as well as recycled. Replenish’s flagship product is an eco-friendly, ultra concentrated multi-surface cleaner in a radically new Reusable Bottle System that uses 90% less plastic, oil and CO2 emissions than buying pre-mixed cleaners. Since you aren’t paying for water and plastic, you save money and the environment…”

“…Replenish is the creator of a patented Reusable Concentrate Mixing and Delivery System designed to transform the way household products are packaged and consumed. The companyʼs flagship product is a multi-surface, ultra concentrated household cleaner in a new Reusable Bottle System that makes cleaning easier, is better for the environment and saves money for consumers and retailers. By encouraging Reuse and Mixing Local, Replenish has a goal of eliminating 1 billion bottles from landfills, 1 billion miles off our roads and 1 billion pounds of chemicals out of the environment. Replenish’s products are developed and manufactured in the United States.”

Dec 20 2010

schweizerhaus, vienna prater

when we lived in vienna, we would get to the schweizerhaus every few weeks. they are famous for their enormous schwein/pig ‘stelze’ oven roasted and served cracked open upon a wood board. accompaniments include german mustard and fresh grated horseradish. the beer is real budweiser from the czech republic and every time you make eye contact with a server – they bring you another beer. it’s difficult to stop eating and drinking. the whole place is expansive and wraps around part of the historic prater amusement park.

from their website:
According to tradition the Schweizerhaus has been around since 1766. It was then known as “Zur Schweizer Hütte” – “at the Swiss hut”. At this time the Prater was not open to “ordinary people”. It owes its name to the Swiss hunt beaters who hosted their imperial rulers here. During the Congress of Vienna in 1814 the guest house was again renamed, this time as “Zum russischen Kaiser” – “at the Russian Emperor”, fitting for the times. 1868 marked another change in name, this time to “Schweizer Meierei” and finally to its current name “Schweizerhaus”. In 1920 Karl Kolarik took over the Schweizerhaus which was then regarded by the leading media as one of the last culinary bastions of the 225 year old Vienna Prater. Karl Kolarik sen. was born in Vienna in 1901 and was only 19 when he became the landlord. In 1926 he travelled with his father to Bohemia and “discovered” Budweiser Budvar beer. He was also a trained butcher and in 1929 he opened a pavillon called the “Wiener Würstelselcherei” which was the first ever open kitchen which allowed guests to see how sausages were made and prepared. The Schweizerhaus was completely destroyed during the last days of the second world war in 1945. Karl Kolarik began the rebuilding work starting with a tiny wooden hut and a large wheeled waggon in 1947. Today the business is being carried on by his family.