Mar 9 2012

inside musical instruments

I love this series of photos taken with a small camera inside of actual instruments. it shows precisely how blurred the boundaries are about any sort of space-making, whether it be architecture, product design, or even movement and performance. I remember we had these polaroid cameras when I was in architecture school that could shoot pre-tilt shift looking images, B&W and always a bit too blurry. you would actually build the models with the idea of how they were going to be shot by this camera. These images were made for a campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic


Jan 16 2011

namm music show

my childhood friend was in for the namm show in anaheim this past weekend. It’s a huge show of musical equipment manufacturer’s and representatives and dealers. the collection and juxtaposition of spinal tap-looking aged rock stars, horned instrument manufacturers, a floor of asian piano dealers, performers playing in real time throughout the convention center – make it a wild event to explore. some highlights included a reed company that makes flavored reeds, 100 or so people in line to get autographs by a bunch of heavy metal musicians I didn’t know – but who looked amazing and fitting the part. It was a surreal experience and the scale of attending an event which feels as large as disneyland becomes a musical blur after some time – but it was definitely memorable…

The NAMM Show
Annually held at Anaheim Convention Center
800 West Katella Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92802

Dec 7 2010

roger waters – live

I went to see roger waters perform the wall live at staples center earlier this week. Amazing show – A huge array of projectors, a wall that is slowly built during the course of the performance – until finally the band is enclosed. a wall separates the audience from the band. In the second half – the wall is slowly chipped away and performed upon until finally it comes crashing down at the very end…

YouTube Preview Image