Jan 24 2011

fender factory tour – 1959

this film was made by Forrest White in 1959 and documents the original Fender factory in Fullerton, California. we all know that guitar production in highly automated at this point – but watching the stacks of drying wood and 2″ thick chunks being carefully cut on the band saws is just amazing. so glad people like this filmed the every day for us to see now…

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Dec 15 2010

fender musicmaster project

this is a project I did for my boys to play someday. I bought a 1963 musicmaster neck in 3/4 scale and reworked it into a fender squier body. the pickups are custom shop 1962 pickups from an old strat.

In 1956 Fender introduced the Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic guitars as affordable “3/4-size” short-scale student models. As such, they aren’t considered as collectible and don’t have near the value of Strats and Teles from the same era. The Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic were essentially the same guitar, with the addition of another pickup (in the bridge position) and a toggle switch on the Duo-Sonic. Both models received a slight facelift in 1959, along with all other Fenders. In 1964 the “II” variants (essentially spinoffs of the then-new Mustang) were introduced, and both models were revised and offered in a 24″ scale length as well.

Dec 7 2010

roger waters – live

I went to see roger waters perform the wall live at staples center earlier this week. Amazing show – A huge array of projectors, a wall that is slowly built during the course of the performance – until finally the band is enclosed. a wall separates the audience from the band. In the second half – the wall is slowly chipped away and performed upon until finally it comes crashing down at the very end…

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Dec 5 2010

1987 shoreline gold stratocaster

i picked this up relatively cheap on ebay and installed a david gilmour emg setup, fixed the action, added a vintage bridge and gold anodized pickguard. the emg pickups get some amazing warm tones – a unique sound…

Dec 5 2010

1962 stratocaster

I bought this guitar with my bar-mitzvah money in 1983. it was the first year the 1957/62 reissues were made in fullerton. I had it repainted by a master luthier at wurlitzer in boston – the color is ‘heather mist’. I used to hang out there on newbury street and all the local big boston bands – the cars, til tuesday, j geils, aerosmith – would come in to buy their gear. I left the guitar there for a few months and everyone would play it. The neck is the reissue one and the body was swapped for a 1962 by the guitar tech as a nice bonus. I left it with a friend for about 20 years and just got it back last year. so glad it’s back…