google goggles is the future

wow!  I just downloaded and tested out the new google goggle app tonight. the basic idea is instead of searching with text or words – you simply take a picture of something that you want to search. in their introductory video they say you can try landmarks, places, products, images. so to put the app to the test – I first took a picture from a book on florence – of S. Maria Novella. within seconds the app scanned the image and told me the name of the church and the address on a google map. next up was a random oswald spengler book from my shelf – written in german. again the app scanned the book, found the author and book name and offered the text online as it had already been translated. I next tried a few non-book items – I took an image of a bottle of peroni beer and it found the logo and peroni website. I scanned a picasso image and it told me the name of the painting and the book in which I had scanned it from – additionally it offered images of the work online. again and again it worked perfectly. a friend had posted an image of jupiter on her Facebook page – last week I looked and looked online to find the name of the piece and now with this app in hand I took one photo and it told me the name of the piece, the origins of it’s mythological origins and even the mozart piece written about this deity…the future is finally here

download it here


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