replenish bottle

edison-award finalist for the rethink of the typical housecleaner spray bottle. I love the simplicity and appeal of  buying only the small pods to consistently reuse the classic windex-type bottle that we all know so well. not paying for the extra water, the shipping, the storage and excess waste is even more appealing…

from their website:
“Real sustainability can best be achieved by creating better-made products that are designed to be reused as well as recycled. Replenish’s flagship product is an eco-friendly, ultra concentrated multi-surface cleaner in a radically new Reusable Bottle System that uses 90% less plastic, oil and CO2 emissions than buying pre-mixed cleaners. Since you aren’t paying for water and plastic, you save money and the environment…”

“…Replenish is the creator of a patented Reusable Concentrate Mixing and Delivery System designed to transform the way household products are packaged and consumed. The companyʼs flagship product is a multi-surface, ultra concentrated household cleaner in a new Reusable Bottle System that makes cleaning easier, is better for the environment and saves money for consumers and retailers. By encouraging Reuse and Mixing Local, Replenish has a goal of eliminating 1 billion bottles from landfills, 1 billion miles off our roads and 1 billion pounds of chemicals out of the environment. Replenish’s products are developed and manufactured in the United States.”

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