the miller chicken coop

We ended up finally getting chickens last year from my son’s kindergarten class. each spring the students in our local school hatch eggs the chicks are available for ready and willing parents and neighbors. we got 2 chickens to start and once they got larger than the original wooden wine box they were living in as chicks – it was time to build a more substantial home. the majority of the project was repurposed content from my wood shop, fallen fence elements and a lot of borrowed aged wood timbers from my neighbor’s yard. the approximate size is base on a 24×48 standard size. there are 4 beds and a sort of side sun room on the side.

After months of use  and a rainy LA winter – the house has performed extremely well – it has stayed dry inside and cozy and the chickens use the side room to stretch in the morning and let us know when they would like to be let out. We have recently added some new birds and I foresee the main coop getting an addition this summer.

Update: after a year of having the chickens roam totally free on our property – I decided to add a chicken run to keep them a bit more contained. Chickens like to eat all plants and everything green – and the love to dig in dirt. The new chicken run is mostly 2×2 redwood studs with 3 shades of green paint and an accent orange. We reused our former kitchen screen door as the entry – and they seem very happy and content with their new property

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